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Terms And Conditions

Payment Terms:

  • Upon receipt of Customer's order form and payment approval, Graphics, Etc... (hereafter known as Designer) will promptly begin design work as requested by Customer.

  • Before design work begins, half of the agreed-upon design fee will be due and payable.  This fee is non-refundable, and cannot be used as substitute payment for other amounts due, such as domain registration repayment.  The balance of all design fees will be due and payable by Customer when site design has been completed.

  • All due consideration of Customer's design specifications will be taken into account, and will be adhered to as closely as possible, to the best of Designer's ability.

  • If Customer has no design preference, Designer reserves the right to suggest various themes and combinations of colors which they believe will best suit the Customer's needs.  Customer is free to accept or decline such recommendations without obligation to Designer.  If Customer declines the theme recommended by Designer, another theme may be chosen at either party's discretion.

  • Designer has the right to charge client within thirty (30) days for extra pages or design work which are requested by Customer, but which were not specified in the original signed contract.  However, notice of intent to bill for extra services shall be given prior to billing, and billing shall not exceed $50 per additional page.

  • If Customer requests domain name registration for his/her website, such service will be provided at no extra charge to the Customer.  However, reimbursement in full for this service is expected upon confirmation of registration by directNic.  If reimbursement in full is not made within a 15 day period following said confirmation by directNic, Designer reserves the right to charge a service fee of up to, but not exceeding, twenty-five percent (25%) of the entire domain registration fee.

  • Customer may request that Designer maintain their website on a monthly, quarterly, or as-needed basis.  Customer will be responsible for supplying all information for such updates.  Designer will make every effort to update site in a timely, accurate manner.

  • Designer reserves the right to charge a fee for monthly, quarterly, or as-needed maintenance, the amount to be previously agreed upon by both parties.  This amount will be billed on a monthly or quarterly basis, at the Customer's preference.

  • Customer will be charged a prorated bill (when actual beginning date starts after the 1st of the new month or quarter) for the actual number of billable days during that current month or quarter.

  • Invoices will be e-mailed approximately ten (10) days prior to the new month or quarter for service the following month or quarter.  All payments are due, and must be received, by the 5th of that month.  A late fee of $5.00 will occur after the 5th, and service will be suspended by the 10th of the month if payment has not yet been received.  An additional $20 fee will be charged if payment has not been received by the 15th of the month.  A $20 fee will also be charged for any returned check.

  • Designer will accept 30-day written notice to terminate this contract.  Failure to do so will allow Designer to charge a severance fee equal to the amount of one quarter's maintenance fees, or $200, whichever amount is greater.

  • Designer prohibits any abuses, or extreme use of web space or websites, by its Customers. This includes but is not limited to, file storage that is not related to Customer's website, co-op sharing of space without programming that violates or threatens the operation or security of the Designer's servers, any implementation of any type of virus or viruses, or any federal laws governed by the United States Of America.

  • Designer will neither tolerate nor allow any child pornography on any of its websites or servers, and will immediately report to the local authorities any site or company that has such material shown on its site, along with any information it has, in order to aid in prosecution of person or persons involved in child pornography.
    Also Designer will be held harmless and is in no way responsible for the content on any site. If Designer discovers that any website is displaying illegal material, that website will be immediately terminated with no refund of any kind, and all pertinent information will be turned over to the appropriate authorities.

  • Adult sites that are hosted through Designer must be able to verify, upon request, that all models shown on their site are above the age of 18, and will not hold Designer liable for any of their content.

  • Designer may suspend or terminate any agreement for lack of payment, returned checks, or misuse or abuse of websites, unless special arrangements have been made.

  • Designer requires notification for approval for any site that involves a third party--involving but not limited to domain sharing, web malls, or file distribution.


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