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March, 1999

        Five years ago, Lv Enterprises started as a small home-based business. Today it is one of the biggest website hosting companies in the country.
        "Reliable website hosting is the biggest challenge in today’s e-commerce," owner Guy Rubay explains. "Our goal has always been to combine personalized customer service with the most reliable website hosting available."
        To that end, Lv Enterprises offers a special high-efficiency system that can handle any amount of traffic. The result is a huge boost in access time; even graphic-intensive pages load at a fraction of their previous speeds.
        Lv Enterprises and its subsidiaries are multi-award winning sites; among their many tributes are awards from the WebHost Guild, the WebHost List, WebHost Direct, the HTML Writers’ Guild, and Custom Design Magazine. They are also rated among the Top 10 Internet hosting services on the Internet.
        Yet Guy isn’t content with being successful himself. He wants to share the limitless Internet opportunities with others.
        "Many people want to run their own home-based businesses, they just don’t know where to start," Guy says. "So we’ve created a special website hosting program. It allows ordinary people to establish their own home-based businesses without investing much money.
        "When a person joins Lv Enterprises’ reseller program," he explains, "we build them a hosting site on the Internet. The reseller’s job is to promote their new website, and solicit other individuals or businesses to host with them."
        The reseller corresponds with potential hosting clients, forwards their site requirements to Lv Enterprises, and handles quarterly billing. Lv Enterprises sets up and maintains the hosting space, E-mail accounts, stat servers, and all the other details involved in creating a website domain.
        In return, the resellers keep a percentage of the hosting fees they charge their own clients.
        "Our smallest package, for example," Guy says, "is $19.95 per month, billed quarterly. Besides many extra free services like E-mail services and a comprehensive stats program, that package includes 20 Mg of storage space, and up to 1 Gig of transfer per month.
        "The reseller is free to advertise higher prices, if they choose. Yet no matter how much extra they charge, our fee for that package is only $9.95. So the rest is all profit for them. It can add up quickly--a mere 10 clients means a minimum of $100 income for the reseller, every single month. That’s a nice residual income, with lots of potential for growth, requiring very little investment in either time or money."
        Established home-based businesses like MGA Web Pros
( and Graphics, Etc... ( have already joined into Lv Enterprises’ reseller program, and are expanding on his hosting services to offer website design and promotion. Other established home-based businesses like Custom Threads ( are adding Lv Enterprises’s reseller program to their already-existing products and services.
        "Internet commerce is growing at a tremendous rate," Guy explains, "and anyone can take advantage of its tremendous money-making opportunities. Whether a reseller wants to focus on personal hosting, business hosting, adult hosting, or a thousand other different markets, the potential for a healthy residual income is virtually limitless."

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